VMware: Horizon Load Balancing

At the beginning of a new VMware Horizon project, we must start by designing the architecture. During the design phase or the workshops with a customer, the aspect of High Availability and load balancing will be discussed at a point […]

VMware: Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) – Appliances

In my previous blog post, VMware: Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) – Introduction, I made a short introduction into HCX. That wasn’t easy since HCX has a lot of possibilities. If you haven’t had any experience with VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension, […]

VMware: Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) – Introduction

In this blog post, I would like to give an introduction off VMware HCX or VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension. This service provides an easy method to migrate, rebalance workloads and optimizing DR scenarios cross datacenters and multiple Clouds. What are […]

VMware NSX-T 2.4: High-Level Architecture

In all aspects of IT, we can see a digital transformation. With the creation of cloud-centric based applications, the need to review the network has become more important at an architectural level. The security of those applications and their data […]